pilates for breast cancer


We all experience fatigue in our lives but Cancer Related Fatigue can be disabling. Fatigue can be “Sneaky”, it creeps in when you least expect it, especially when one is going thru cancer treatments. If you think you maybe be experiencing this always check with your health care provider to see whether this maybe related to a medical condition such as a thyroid condition, low hemoglobin or something else. Blood test studies can be done to rule out any medical condition.

Fatigue affects us in may ways and its just not Physical! It can be Emotional and Mental fatigue.

Cancer patients and survivors are balancing a lot of information on a daily basis. From dealing with a life changing diagnosis, waiting for results of biopsies and scans, juggling numerous appointments in one day, dealing every day activities, and the side effects of treatments.

Exercise is an important strategy often overlooked. One might say to them self, “ How can I exercise when I feel so tired”. But it has been proven to be the most effective non-medical treatment in dealing with the effects of fatigue. If you are interested in increasing your energy and decreasing your fatigue contact me, I will do an Occupational Therapy Evaluation and set up a individualized program that works for you.