Are you in pain?
We are here to help you get back a healthy body… and your life.

I love the challenge of working with the human body and figuring out why a person has pain and how to fix it.

I fuse my skills as an Occupational Therapist, Pilates and Yoga instructor, and a whole menu of therapeutic skills in service of my clients. I work with the whole person, offering an integrative approach focusing on how one lives, works and plays. My experience as an OT has exposed me to a variety of age groups from birth to 100 years old and a variety of medical conditions.

I’ve been there myself when fighting cancer, and needed a way to get back into my body and heal. Now I help people with this experience of having cancer, chronic pain, and postoperative challenges to be well and stay well.

We offer Medical Fitness Therapy, a Cancer Support Program, Strength After Breast Cancer Program, Private Training in Yoga & Pilates, Occupational Therapy, an Essential Wellness Program, and onsite massage therapy. We’re here for you.

Ann Marie Turo, OTR/L
Founder, Integrated Mind and Body