Cancer Support

Our goal for you: better than ever!

I offer a custom, whole body, integrated cancer recovery support program.

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event not only affecting you as but also family and friends. I know all this too well, because I have been there as a breast cancer survivor x2. I know those emotional ups and downs, pain and limitations. I have designed a program that looks at where you are in your treatment and progress you “to get your life back” and help you grow stronger and better than ever!

I have experience working with a wide range of cancer diagnoses, including Breast, Colon, Leukemia, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Brain, and Ovarian.

Integrated Mind and Body is a warm, comfortable and well-equipped environment. My range of motion significantly improved in a matter of weeks due to their patience with my body
and knowledge of my condition. The scar tissue massages have helped tremendously! And I thought I was alone with “Chemo Brain” until I learned about the mind strengthening activities that I could try. I’m so glad to be a patient here!
— N.T.


We are so pleased to have both an acupuncturist and massage therapist right here in our offices! We’ll be happy to introduce you.

Please don’t wait! We see far too many people who have been struggling for far too long.